Telefónica is one of the world's leading telecommunications service providers, offering fixed and mobile connectivity services, as well as a wide range of digital services for organizations and companies. With operations in 14 countries, we provide digital services in more than 170 countries, with a turnover of more than € 43,000M and more than 345M accesses.

We are a leader in fiber optic deployment at European level with coverage in more than 80% of the population and leader in 5G deployment with coverage of 78% of the population. In advanced digital services of Security, Cloud, IoT and Big Data we lead the national market with a sustained growth that triples the market average.

We provide the Armed Forces and the State Security Forces with critical and emergency telecommunications infrastructures and services, tactical and strategic communications, cyber defense, digitalization and robotization of the operations area.


Some of the areas in which we work in the Defense and National Security environment:

  • Deployment and maintenance of Emergency Network solutions with various technologies both digital trunking (TETRA / TETRAPOL / DMR) and broadband (LTE, 5G ...)
  • Deployment and logistical support of Strategic Networks
  • Deployable Communications Node Supplies
  • Tactical Communications; Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
  • UAV solutions (management and inhibition)
  • Cybersecurity services in both permanent and deployable environments
  • Supply and Maintenance of Satellite Solutions for Government Use
  • 5G solutions for military use


  • Strategic communications: we provide a relevant part of the communications and services related to the I3D architecture of the Ministry of Defense, both in the core of I3D and in the communications network or cybersecurity services associated with the I3D node.
  • Argo Project: We collaborate in the digital transformation of the Ministry of Defense through the automation of processes and data governance. We provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of the project, as well as the development and management capacities to carry it out in collaboration with the Ministry.
  • Software-Defined Tactical Radios (SDRs): Our SDR tactical radios have been selected by the Ministry of Defence to equip our Armed Forces after a demanding assessment. After achieving the best results, we have equipped the troops deployed in the international area of operations and the new generation of 8X8 Dragon wheeled combat vehicles.
  • Cybersecurity in ships and submarines: We have carried out the cybersecurity consultancy of the most modern weapons systems of the Spanish Navy: the new generation of frigates of the F110 class and the submarines of the S80 class.





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FEINDEF will provide unprecedented levels of access to the new European defense market, reinforcing the implementation of initiatives in the fields of: collaborative research, capacity development, promotion of investment in the European defense supply chain and creation of the Single European Defense Market.


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