FEINDEF Dialogues

'FEINDEF Dialogues' is a meeting point for the main players in the Defense and Security Industry sector. In these meetings, in interview format, the most relevant and current issues will be discussed in depth, from a close, relaxed and positive tone.

INTERVIEW - Mr. Julián García Vargas

FEINDEF Fundation President


We begin this first edition of the FEINDEF dialogues with an interview with the President of the Foundation, Julián García Vargas, who tells us about the news of the III edition of FEINDEF, among which a space dedicated to the entrepreneurial ecosystem stands out, as well as the geopolitical environment in which this benchmark event in the sector will take place.

INTERVIEW - Mr. Gerardo Sánchez Revenga

AESMIDE President


In this second episode of FEINDEF Dialogues, we interview Mr. Gerardo Sánchez Revenga, President of AESMIDE. In this interview he tells us about the association; its mission, vision and its differential value, in addition to providing us with its perspective of the Defense and Security industry and what a fair like FEINDEF brings to companies and Administrations.

INTERVIEW - Mr. Ricardo Martí-Fluxá

TEDAE President


A new episode of FEINDEF Dialogues is now available. On this occasion we had the honor of interviewing Ricardo Martín-Fluxá, President of TEDAE, who spoke to us about the defense industry, the evolution of the FEINDEF fair, the relevance of the Innova for Def & Sec space in this new edition... and further!

Miguel Rego

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisor at the FEINDEF Foundation


The Innova for Def & Sec space, one of the great novelties of #FEINDEF23. A program with presentations and round tables dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation and dual technologies.

In this FEINDEF dialogue, Miguel Rego, FEINDEF Foundation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisor, tells us the details of this space.

Marc Murtra

Indra's President


What are Indra's challenges and forecast for the future? What does the Spanish industry need to be at the level of that of France or the United Kingdom? What does its participation in the FCAS project mean for Indra?

Marc Murtra, President of Indra, gives us answers to these and other questions in this new Feindef dialogue.

Aniceto Rosique

Director General de Armamento y Material (DIGAM)


The General Director of Armaments and Materiel, Admiral Aniceto Rosique (DIGAM), talks to us about the cooperation between the Spanish industry and the Armed Forces and the new capacities that they will acquire thanks to new projects such as the VCR 8X8 Dragón or the F-110 frigate .

Don't stop watching it!

Ricardo Domínguez

NAVANTIA's President


Ricardo Domínguez talks about the ongoing programs that are relevant to national defense and #NATO, the current situation of the national industry and future challenges, and the surprises that the Spanish public company will show during #FEINDEF23.

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FEINDEF will provide unprecedented levels of access to the new European defense market, reinforcing the implementation of initiatives in the fields of: collaborative research, capacity development, promotion of investment in the European defense supply chain and creation of the Single European Defense Market.