Spanish Defence and Security Systems Integrator

Inetum España belongs to a strong and sustainable international group. European technology leader and world-class provider of value-added IT services, solutions and innovation.

Inetum performs both turnkey projects including their design, development, implementation and maintenance, and also each of these activities for new systems or the modernization of legacy systems.


The Company’s main defence and security activities are in the following areas:

  • Electronic Warfare - SIGINT: ELINT and COMINT Signals Intelligence. Solutions for strategic and tactical systems. Experience since late 1990s. For land and naval platforms.
  • Electronic Warfare - ECM: Inhibition: force and protection C-IED, threat detection and electronic attack. For land and naval platforms.
  • Command and Control Systems: tactical and strategic. Integration of sensors and third-party systems by means of gateways and networks of different classification levels.
  • Intelligence: proprietary information ingestion, classification, association, intelligence generation and dissemination software. Distributed design with nodes deployable to operations zone.
  • Logistics systems: management of sensors, systems, fleets, bases, camps and maintenance depots. Proprietary software adaptable to specific requirements, with advanced modules for predictive maintenance.
  • Safe Cities and Regions: Turnkey projects for intelligent electronic monitoring systems. With references in Spain and several Latin American countries.
  • Border protection: Control of vehicle, pedestrian and freight border crossing points. Surveillance of non-regulated sea and land borders
  • Critical infrastructure protection: For critical industrial facilities and transport infrastructure such as hubs, airports, metros, buses and trains. Our solutions provide a unified view of an organization’s assets and people.
  • Cybersecurity: consultancy, identity management, PKI, SIEM, and ethical hacking. Managed security. SOC services.






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Jose María Castillón, Javier Torres Seco de Herrera



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FEINDEF will provide unprecedented levels of access to the new European defense market, reinforcing the implementation of initiatives in the fields of: collaborative research, capacity development, promotion of investment in the European defense supply chain and creation of the Single European Defense Market.


Should you have any query or request, please do not hesitate to contact the organization at:

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