Founded in 2004 and based in Zaragoza (Spain), Aragon Photonics Labs. S.L.U. is a highly innovative technological company focused in the development of test&measurement solutions for the fields of optical communications, concentrated solar power instrumentation and distributed fiber optic sensing.

Aragon Photonics believes in differentiation through innovation, develops its own proprietary technology and keeps a growing patent portfolio, currently there are 11 patents that we exploit. Another of our pillar is to have a highly technical staff and a solid collaboration in R&D with Universities all over the world. We have a wide international presence with sales in more than 25 countries and a solid network of distributors and partners.

For Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing, we have both our own sensor equipment and turnkey solutions for security and surveillance of perimeters and protection of critical assets.


Our "CAPTA" division offers surveillance solutions for large perimeters: airports, barracks, penitentiary centers, borders, etc. as well as protection of critical assets: electricity, gas, oil or water supply networks, telecommunication cables, etc.

Our TPI (Third Party Intrusion) solution identifies multiple types of threats with a spatial resolution of up to 6 meters and a maximum distance of 200 km.

In addition, we market two of our own sensing equipment:

  • HDAS is a High-Fidelity Distributed Acoustic Sensor that detects strain variations in more than 100 km. With its proprietary linear and quantitative measurement technology, HDAS provides unmatched signal quality and is the ideal interrogator for identifying both impulsive and slow events.
  • BLAST is a DTSS based on BOTDA technology capable of fast and accurate temperature and strain measurements along a conventional fiber. Its wide range of uses and applications include real-time temperature measurement of pipelines associated with utilities such as oil and gas.


We have worked in several perimeter security projects with our partner INDRA and in the protection of critical assets in the power transport industry with Red Eléctrica Española, the railway industry with ADIF, the telecommunications industry with Telefónica or the monitoring of submarine cables with Telsius. We have also developed projects for the detection of earthquakes and tsunamis in alliance with universities and research centers in different countries.

In addition, throughout our almost 20 years we have also worked with global companies and entities such as U.S. Naval Research, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Calthech, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or the French National Center for Scientific Research, etc.





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