The Innova for Def&Sec programme will include presentations, round table discussions on a variety of topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship in dual-use technologies, with special emphasis on:

Informing businesses and entrepreneurs of the requirements of innovative products and services within the area of DEFENSE, specifically related to NATO, EDA and the Spanish Armed Forces.
Presenting the national and European innovation programmes, in addition to the existing means of public support. It will include a space on the globalisation of businesses.
Raise awareness of the fundamental aspects of the national innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, such as universities, technology centres and private investment funds.

Lastly, special importance will be given to the business and startup world. In order to do so, pitch elevator sessions will be organised, where these businesses can present to businesses and investors, in addition to partaking in matchmaking activities, with one-on-one meetings with consolidated companies or investment funds.

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FEINDEF will provide unprecedented levels of access to the new European defense market, reinforcing the implementation of initiatives in the fields of: collaborative research, capacity development, promotion of investment in the European defense supply chain and creation of the Single European Defense Market.


Should you have any query or request, please do not hesitate to contact the organization at:

+34 91 496 06 05