Skydweller is a cutting-edge aerospace company that develops unmanned aircraft with renewable electric propulsion (Solar), capable of achieving a flight of months with a powerful multiple payload capacity (400Kg and 2-20kW), something very relevant in the sector. With a flexible payload system, Skydweller can enhance commercial and government telecom, geospatial, weather and emergency operations efforts around the world, enabling customers to persistently operate in more challenging areas for longer periods at very low cost, while reducing the environmental impact. Skydweller promoter partners have extensive experience leading aerospace, engineering and advanced technology projects, experience that help the successful implementation of this new industrial-aeronautical activity in Spain and the world.


Skydweller will be sold as a system consisting of five elements: aircraft, mission control element (MCE), launch and recovery element (LRE), logistics element and mission systems element (payloads).

The air vehicle will have multiple redundant communications links, including line of sight, beyond the horizon line of sight, and cellular. The MCE is used to manage aircraft flight operations and process payload/sensor data. It will be connected to the aircraft via satellite links and will be in a building anywhere in the world. The LRE is a small size MCE used only for the launch and recovery of the aircraft. It includes line-of-sight communication links and is housed in an expeditionary hangar near the airfield where Skydweller is based. The LRE also includes a mobile hangar and aircraft ground handling equipment. The MCE and LRE share a common set of software and computers used for flight control and mission management of the aircraft.

Mission systems (payloads) will be the customizable part of the system. The mission systems will be tailored to the specific needs of the client for up to 400Kg and from 2-20Kw on demand power supply.

The logistics element is the maintenance and supply organization that supports the Skydweller system. This will include supply chain management functions, the minimum set of spare parts for aircraft equipment and systems, and all tools and ground equipment necessary to support the area of operations, ensuring maximum availability.

In the commercial market, the architecture will provide easy integration of different geospatial sensors and communications equipment. Modular mission systems will allow for rapid service and change of commercially leased Skydwellers when on the ground. Quickly replacing communications equipment offers the opportunity to get the aircraft back in the air quickly while maintaining high aircraft availability.

There are two ways to acquire the product or service:

  1. GOCO (Government/client Owned-Contractor Operated): The client purchases a Skydweller system and pays the initial implementation costs. Then, the client hires Skydweller to operate and maintain the system on a regular basis
  2. COCO (Contractor Owned – Contractor Operated): The customer does not pay any upfront costs, but instead pays for an ongoing service support contract in which all upfront costs are incorporated into the recurring cost number (the average cost per flight hour decreases the longer the mission is).






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