SCR is a leading Spanish company that designs, manufactures and provides services of unmanned aerial, land and naval systems with a background of over 28 years.

SCR stands out for being directly present in all the key activities of the value chain of the unmanned vehicles sector, for its firm commitment to innovation and technological development, and for a close relationship with its customers.

All its products are manufactured with composite materials that meet the highest quality standards and incorporates state-of-the-art electronic and mechanical systems that guarantee optimal operation throughout the life of the product.

In a parallel effort, auxiliary systems are developed and evolved together to ensure excellent performance and low logistics footprint. SCR equipment allows a wide variety of payloads to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

With over 1,000 systems sold and over 3,500 missions performed, SCR is a ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 9100 certified company. 


  • Air, Naval and Surface Drone range.
    • HUMMING PROP. Multi-rotor aerial target drone for artillery maneuvers and anti-drone systems.
    • ALBA. Highly reliable and easily transportable light aerial target tug, specially adapted to artillery maneuvers and MANPADS missiles.
    • MOAI. Air target with sub-target towing capability, intended for military training of air defense systems.
    • SCRAB I. Jet engine aerial target drone used for training in all types of missions, including Naval.
    • SCRAB II. Jet engine aerial target drone. There is mono turbine or bi-turbine configuration.
    • SCRAB III. High performance aerial target drone with high subsonic performance, designed and developed to meet the most demanding needs.
    • SPAYK Range (I & II). Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) capable of towing a platform to a safety device up to 50 m.
    • RRS1. Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with 4×4 traction and CVT transmission. It has a remote operating capability of up to 10 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour.
  • UAV range:
    • ASTER-T. Captive VTOL drone with unlimited autonomy thanks to its constant cable power source with a load capacity up to 4 Kg.
    • TUCAN. Mini electric UAV with a modular and compact structure made of composite materials, 90 minutes of autonomy and an operating radius of 25 km.
    • ATLANTIC. Small high-performance UAV with an autonomy of 8 hours, 5 Kg of payload and an operating range of 200 km.


SCR supplies systems and services in 15 countries (Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa). In Spain, we are supplier of systems and services to Army, Navy, Air Force and Defense companies.





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