After over 30 years of dedicated service to technology improving mobility for all sorts of vehicles in the most extreme environments, Piedrafita presents the wide range of competences and products that have, throughout the years, positioned it as a trusted partner for major land platform integrators around the world.

Exclusive unveiling of NEBULA, the new self-diagnostics system for ground platforms developed by Piedrafita Prognostics. This connected and autonomous system enables the user to stablish and report on the platform’s real usage. We will also be showcasing our innovative maintenance-free rotary dampers specially adapted to currently in-existence platforms.

Come and meet DefPower

DefPower is Piedrafita’s high-power distribution and management solutions brand for special platforms. Discover our State-of-the-Art solid state PDUs (Power Distribution Units) product range and our capabilities in designing, assembling, and certifying your complete vehicle's electronic architecture


Piedrafita Systems: Kinetics

Be it new vehicles, retrofits or upgrade programmes, Piedrafita’s hydraulic rotary dampers offer the best characteristics in the market.

Piedrafita DefPower: Power Distribution

DefPower provides a wide range of innovative solutions, mounted on various modern state-of-the-art military vehicles. PDUs are now replacing traditional fuse-relay systems, providing important advantages

Piedrafita Prognostics:  Testing & Prognostics

At Piedrafita we believe in vehicle instrumentation throughout the vehicle’s entire lifetime, from the development initial stages with vehicle testing to its entry into service enabling vehicular prognostics.


Piedrafita offers a wide range of ad-hoc services:

  • Command and control ballistic software integration
  • Built-to-spec product development tailored to the client’s needs and requests
  • Lightweight development: weight reduction and optimisation of products


Piedrafita is present in many of the most important current land platforms, both in the national and international markets, being a trusted partner to many of the most important integrators both in the European Union and in NATO. Not only are Piedrafita’s products found in the most emblematic platforms such as the Spanish 8x8 Dragon, but we are also present in the most important current European Projects such as the FAMOUS Project, being capable even of leading a Consortium under EDF.






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FEINDEF will provide unprecedented levels of access to the new European defense market, reinforcing the implementation of initiatives in the fields of: collaborative research, capacity development, promotion of investment in the European defense supply chain and creation of the Single European Defense Market.


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