For six decades, Narwhal focuses its activity on the commercialization of semi-rigid boats, professional boats, large lengths, as well as recreational boats, offering a comprehensive service to the world of navigation. "The use of the most advanced techniques and the exhaustive quality control allow us to offer our products and materials with absolute guarantees.

Narwhal Boats are constantly evolving, pursuing the differentiation of their products and services, with a prominent presence among the world's leading shipyards in the manufacture of semi-rigid vessels. On the other hand, the company has a presence in all sector, offering a full range for all types of customers, with very good performance in both navigation and finishes, in addition to the strength and reinforcement of the construction.

Narwhal Boats is very present in the field of defense and security, both nationally and international, providing boats to organizations such as firefighters, civil protection, police and Navys.

Narwhal Boats has collaborated in ship projects autonomous whose main purpose is defense and surveillance, although it could also be used in maritime rescue and oceanographic research tasks.


  • Boats for military use with lengths from 4.7 to 12 meters, semirigid and foldables with floor in aluminum or laminated marine plywood.
  • Rescue Boats equipped to comply with the most demanding standards of rescue and safety at sea, S.O.L.A.S.: Models SV-420, SV-480, SV-750
  • FAST Rescue Boats equipped in compliance with the most demanding regulations for rescue and safety at sea, S.O.L.A.S.: Model FRB-700
  • Boats for military use with lengths from 4.7 to 12 meters, rigid and removable with an aluminum floor or laminated marine sheet. - USV (unmanned surface vehicle). Unmanned vehicles for military use, Security Forces and organizations, Official and Investigation Organizations.


LEUS (Long Endurance USV Solution) is our first prototype and demonstrator. The platform is named “Kaluga”. The system includes a single communication link and on-board electronics & software to interface with engine and rudder control, a camera, a voice module and a smoke canister dispenser. A portable ground station was also developed to provide full control over the boat

ECUVE (Environmental Control with Unmanned Vessels) is our first commercial unit. Final user is PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of Canary Islands). The system includes two communications link: one in S-band for boat control & telemetries and one C-band for payloads control & telemetries with automatic switch between them in case of loss of communications. Four cameras was integrated to provide 360º vision. A weather station sends information about air conditions and two sensors measure some water parameters (temp, oxygen and conductivity).

USEFUL (Unmanned System for Fast Underwater Lines inspection): Development of an 11 meters USV with an integrated mini ROV (Remoted Operated Vehicle) for inspection of underwater facilites (electrical lines, pipelines…) The whole operation can be performed from a remote control station with no need of human intervention during ROV/UUV launch and recovery operations.

FIUS (Fast Intervention Unmanned System): it is a small and stealth USV (RHIB 2.80 meteres) for military applications related to ISR operations. It is equipped with EO/IR gyrostabilized cameras and ECM devices to interfere communications.

SIMBAAD (INTEGRAL SYSTEM FOR MONITORING AND SEARCHING FOR AQUATIC THREATS FOR DEFENSE), an integrated system for military operations focused primarily on the detection, location and identification of underwater threats. EUROSTARS project, focused on the development and conceptual and construction design of an unmanned semi-rigid vessel for use in surveillance, rescue and firefighting operations. MARTERA Project: Project based on the use of collaborative unmanned vessels for the detection of spills and the laying of anti-pollution barriers and assistance for the detection of marine environmental disasters and anti-pollution services.





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