LOOP TECHNICAL SERVICES is an engineering consultancy company that develops projects in a dynamic and agile way. This allows us to have a vision of the future, which we transmit to our clients.

We are a network of engineers, architects and designers committed to offer design of devices, energy efficiency services, CO2 footprint reduction and design and calculation of systems and technical installations in building construction (hospitals, airports, public buildings, villas, homes, industry, etc.). All this is based on 3D modeling to optimize our designs, their manufacture, execution and assembly, reducing the time and material used for it.

The 3D modeling allows LOOP to offer to our clients the possibility of efficient management of the use of the building, minimizing its energy consumption and managing the maintenance of the equipment to guarantee that it works optimally.


Design and manufacture of devices

One of LOOP’s priorities is the design of devices that promotes sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

LOOP’s engineers and designers team is focus on creating devices that are energy efficient, using sustainable materials, and reducing the waste of resources. Our designs are durable and easy to maintain to reduce product waste and extend their life.

3D CAD & REVIT modeling

LOOP develops its projects modeling in CAD and REVIT, which allows, among other things, to optimize the construction of the building, improving execution times and saving of materials.

The 3D models can also be used to analyze the structural integrity, simulate the circulation of air and light, and evaluate the energy efficiency of the building.

Industrial systems projects

LOOP develops projects of design and calculation industrial systems, including design and calculation of structures.

In addition, LOOP also carries out analysis and optimization of processes, as well as energy studies and design of customized solutions.

CO2 footprint reduction

As a company committed to sustainability and environmental protection, LOOP can help its clients to implement efficient and effective solutions to reduce their CO2 footprint and improve their environmental impact.

These services may include process optimization, implementation of green technologies, and sustainability consulting.

Building Installation Projects

LOOP carries out engineering projects that include advice, auditing, calculation, design and assistance in the generation or modification of technical installations in construction (hospitals, airports, public buildings, villas, homes, industry, etc.).

Projects require a personalized approach, as well as unique planning and management. For each situation, a different team is required that knows how to address the specific challenges and objectives.


Project of execution of facilities, systems and structure of the following buildings:

  • Student residence in Villaviciosa de Odón (Fermarad Investment)
  • Spanish Academy in Madrid (AIL Madrid)
  • Offices in Oviedo (Nobel Editions)
  • Notary in Palma de Mallorca

Air quality improvement:

  • Iberia offices in La Muñoza (Madrid)
  • Iberia offices at Malaga airport
  • Iberia offices in Ibiza airport
  • Iberia offices at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria airport
  • OHI Group Dental Clinic

CO2 footprint reduction project:

  • Industrial building in San Fernando de Henares (Ediciones Paraninfo)

Design and modeling of pipe supports and structures and platforms:

  • Recycled PET manufacturing plant in Japan
  • PET manufacturing plant in Jiangyin City, China
  • PET manufacturing plant in Zouzhuang Town, China
  • PET manufacturing plant in Fuling, Chongqing, China
  • PET manufacturing plant in Junjiang City, China
  • PET manufacturing plant in Fuyang, China






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