Patented system to change the concept of how military training with blank ammunition is known up to now, the Kaballero system creates a local network being capable of reproducing sounds from any weapon at great power volume, both emitted and received, ricochets, whistles and impacts through GPS and gyroscope. It has a powerful recoil in the arm, adding "smoke" and flash to the barrel with each shot. With QR in the magazines you can know the remaining bullets in each magazine. Also Kaballero grenades that do not contain a speaker but through Geofencing reproduce the explosion and sounds of shrapnel in the nearby soldiers of the network according to their proximity. From a Tablet, the commander will see how his squad advances in real time on the map, give them directions and simulate artillery, drones, gas and helicopter attacks in the desired area to get used to working in all scenarios under stress. It saves millions of dollars per year, dont contaminate the fields with casings due to the brass-plastic cases, and also eliminates fatal accidents or burns in the skin.


Firearm simulation device, which can provide recoil and realistic sound to imitate the firing of real firearms. Compatible with all types of weapons and replica and in any real scenario as it is portable.

Local network of Kaballeros interconnected to a Drone in any scenario to reproduce a real sound system in combat with 360º and give soldiers the confort with Stress of loud noises at intense battle as it is an immersive and sensory experience.

“Smoke” and flash system in the muzzle of the weapon with each shot that affects the visibility of the shooter as in reality.

Kaballero grenades, through GPS Geofencing, reproduce the sound of explosions and shrapnel in the speakers of the soldiers depending on their proximity to it.

Real-time tracking and monitoring system, which can provide detailed information on the profile performance of each soldier during training (number of shots, pulse, weapons carried, number of grenades, their remaining ammunition in magazines and other statistics like status , unit, rank, distance traveled, ranking, friendly fire)

System to consult the route taken, the position of the operators during training, if they are engaging combat  or not and where they are aiming at.

App Kaballero on a Tablet to send real sounds to the desired area of helicopters searching and shooting at soldiers, vehicles, drones, mortar fire, gas attacks, etc.

Database of sounds of all types of weapons (pistols, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, snipers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers…) and ambience (ricochets, impacts on different materials, echoes-reverberation, casings falling on different types of floors, whistling bullets, tinnitus in the eardrums, distant explosions, screams, voices, vehicles etc.)


Guardia Civil USECIC: "With Kaballero we can train with real noise in any scenario as it is portable and we get used to responding to fire quickly and forcefully"

Army: "Many times we do the instruction and training without blank cartridges and we have to yell fire-fire to simulate that we are shooting, with this system we have immersive sound with each shot without wasting money, just charging the battery"

UPR National Police: "With Kaballero we can shoot as much as we want without skimping on blank ammunition as usually happens"

Private security: "This system is what we needed to train bodyguards, escorts and PMC's"

Finalist FEINDEF21 Innovation Awards.

Selected project by Sociedad de Promoción Económica de Gran Canaria (SPEGC)  and Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) for Startups accelerator





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