In Auziker we create technological devices, commonly called baits, for the training of military and civil canine units. The baits that we research and produced, provide answers to the deficient alternatives of the Market, in áreas, such as, the detection of explosives, corpses or diseases. We have developed a unique methodology that combines the study and selection of new materials, the knowledge of the chemical compounds that make up the aroma, the use of high tech analytical instrumentation and the machine learning data processing. Thanks to this method safe, effective and efficient training devices have been development that allow military and police K9 units to respond to new challenges, in the field of security, with modern and efficient training.


The TATP explosive is the preferred choice for jihadist terrorists due to the ease of synthesis and high deflagration power and sniffing dogs are the best at detecting it. However, the current baits for training K9 units to detect TATP, are ineffective and/or dangerous. We offer an annual service that includes a monthly supply of kits to carry out a complete canine training consisting of:

  • 6 Hauts-TATP or Hodei-TATP training baits (both are composed only of real explosive, and in real tests have shown a selectivity of 94.8% and a specificity of 98.8%. The only difference between them is the form in which the TATP is adsorbed, in Hauts in solid form and in Hodei in vapor format, only containing the aroma).
  • Certificate of the TATP used (guaranteeing that our baits only contain TATP, without stabilizers or pseudo-odours). 6
  • blanck baits (to work discrimination and ensure that the dogs detect the TATP and not the support where it is deposited).
  • 2 pairs of tweezers (to avoid the transfer of human scent, both in the blancks and in the baits).

In addition, this annual service includes analytical support to resolve doubts, improve and/or adapt our baits to the user/client training system. In December of next year, we will launch our new service with the delivery of training kits for the detection of corpses with a putrefaction period of less than 48 hours. In addition, we make ad hoc baits, with the specific characteristics that our clients need.





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