Since 2018 authUSB SL develops and manufactures innovative and advanced Hw and Sw solutions in the field of Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense ,developed entirely "in House" and always certified to the highest security standards in Spain and internationally.


The SafeDoor® system is the only complete solution (Hw with embedded Sw) of analysis, protection and detection of cyber threats, carried out through USB storage devices, acting as a barrier between them and the equipment of an organization, against the three vectors of attack:

  • Electrical: Continuously monitors the behavior of the USB memory at the electrical level, identifying and stopping usbKiller type overvoltage attacks.
  • Hardware: Continuously monitors USB memory stick behavior at the hardware level, detecting and disabling BadUsb family attacks, HID attacks (rubber ducky and similar), fake network cards, composite interfaces, etc.
  • Software: It has a complete antivirus engine/res integrated (compatible with several manufacturers) with which it performs a scan prior to downloading or transferring any content.

The behavior of the USB memory stick is continuously monitored until extraction, thus avoiding attacks triggered by time or number of connections, which would go unnoticed in an initial analysis. For this reason, among others, our maxim is that an uncontrolled USB device should never be connected directly to a computer in the organization.
In addition to protection, the system offers real-time auditing, management and traceability of all connected devices, analyzed files and users.
The SafeDoor® solution is certified and approved for information processing at the highest level. It is rated High for Spanish ENS compliance and is NATO certified.

Is a secure erasure tool that performs overwrite and erase tasks on recognized file systems and disks.
recognized file systems and disks. It offers the user the possibility to securely erase various items stored on the storage devices
stored on storage devices:

  • Files and folders
  • Free space
  • Unused cluster fragments
  • Disks and volumes

It has a scheduling module that allows the user to schedule the execution of deletion tasks.
deletion tasks. OLVIDO implements different standard erasure algorithms and allows the user to select the erasure algorithm to apply for each task.
algorithm to be applied to each task. It also offers the administrator the possibility to define custom erasure algorithms, specifying the number of passes to be erased.
the number of passes and the overwrite pattern. Allows integration with a Syslog server for sending
Syslog server to send activity and status logs of the erasure tasks performed.
The qualified version runs on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2021.
Olvido is a Certified and approved tool and it is rated High for Spanish ENS compliance


Our best references both domestically and abroad:

  • Joint Cyberspace Command
  • Foreign defense missions
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Electrical distribution
  • Chemical plants
  • Various Public Administrations (Ports, City Councils, Provincial Councils)





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