ARSOFT is specialized in the application of XR technologies in the Defense sector: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. ARSOFT has developed a platform to easily convert technical publications or user and maintenance manuals for equipment, machinery or vehicles, which are usually found in paper or PDF format, into interactive 3D virtual content, which can be viewed from any device, and with any XR technology.

This application has been developed for this sector, with features such as automatic digitization of processes in S1000D format, among others.

ARSOFT is already working with leading companies worldwide, which have already digitized hundreds of processes with these technologies thanks to EyeFlow, the ARSOFT platform, which has been selected, among others, by the Spanish Army.

The future of technical documentation is in 3D and with XR. With EyeFlow manufacturers will be able to have interactive 3D content of their documentation at a controlled and sustainable cost.


EYEFLOW is a process digitalization platform that allows converting 2D technical documentation to interactive virtual content, taking advantage of XR technologies: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

In this way, companies have a platform that allows them to create XR content for their equipment: Virtual Reality simulators to improve training, Mixed Reality manuals to support the operator in maintenance processes, Augmented Reality content for demonstrations or understanding the internal structure of machinery, hold virtual multi-user meetings and much more.

EyeFlow has been created to help machinery and equipment manufacturers, integrators, shipyards and the different companies in the value chain (naval, aerospacial, land, armament…), to take advantage of the benefits that XR technologies can offer in a scalable and sustainable way.

EyeFlow includes an authoring platform that allows companies to create their own XR content without the need for programming or any special knowledge. In addition, ARSOFT has specialized partners in each sector for those companies that prefer to outsource content creation, ensuring a reduced cost, as these XR contents will be created with EyeFlow. In addition, the company owns its XR content, which can be easily modified at any time, thus avoiding dependence on third parties.


ARSOFT is currently working with different companies in the defense sector, in aerospace, naval and land.

ARSOFT, in collaboration with Sonovision (Ortec Group), has used EyeFlow technology to develop an integrated XR platform for the Spanish Army, to get support in maintenance processes with Hololens devices (Mixed Reality).

EyeFlow is also being used by one of the largest shipyards in the world, which is taking advantage of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to train personnel aboard frigates, corvettes and submarines in maintenance operations. Thanks to EyeFlow, much of the training can be carried out completely virtually, increasing training efficiency by more than 30%.

EyeFlow is a platform also implemented in smaller companies, being of interest to any manufacturing company that wishes to digitize the documentation associated with their equipment in a scalable way, without the need to make large investments by hiring companies that they will later depend on to carry out updates in the contents.





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