ARQUIMEA is a Spanish multi-sector technology company that operates globally in highly demanding sectors. Founded in 2004, today it boasts more than 500 employees.

ARQUIMEA cooperates with the Ministry of Defence, NATO Armed Forces and with the leading companies in the defence and aerospace sectors, to address the current and future operational requirements of the Armed Forces improving safety and improving performance.

Its main solutions include the Q-SLAM-40 loitering system, the information and control systems for mortars: TECHFIRE, eCOMPASS, mCOUNTER and Shepherd-MIL Advance; and its capabilities to the manufacture components and ground support equipment for military aircrafts. In addition, ARQUIMEA has capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities for the design and manufacture of small satellites, thermal and optical systems, as well as critical components qualified for space.


ARQUIMEA has a broad portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and production capabilities for the defense and aerospace sectors. The main solutions for defense are its loitering systems Q-SLAM-40 and its information and control systems for mortars. In the aerospace sector, the main solutions include video systems, thermal control products, avionics, as well as components for satellites and spacecraft.

In October 2022, ARQUIMEA successfully showed its Q-SALM-40 loitering system within the framework of the dynamic demonstration organized during the event “Foro Ejército” organized by the Spanish Army. The company is already working on evolving the Q-SALM-40 with the development of a multi-launcher system integrated into a vehicle that allows the transport and launch of several platforms more quickly and efficiently.  In addition, the company continues to evolve its solutions for mortar systems and demonstrate its performance to different armies. These solutions are operational in European NATO armies and in reference Armed Forces in Southeast Asia.

During 2022 ARQUIMEA has made significant investments in the space sector with the purchase of the Spanish company IberEspacio from Técnicas Reunidas, specialized in thermal systems. ARQUIMEA also invested in Ecliptic, an American company with decades of experience in video and avionics systems for space. In addition, ARQUIMEA is the main shareholder and industrial partner responsible for the satellite manufacturing of BeetleSat, a new telecommunications constellation. ARQUIMEA plans to manufacture more than 200 satellites in the coming years. These investments and acquisitions reinforce ARQUIMEA as a leading supplier of products and technologies present throughout the space value chain.

ARQUIMEA boasts extensive experience in aeronautical maintenance of turbines, avionics, critical components and aerodynamic instrumentation, equipment, and tooling for the leading companies in the aeronautical sector in projects such as MRTT, A400M, Eurofighter and F18.





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